Shipping and Return Policy

In order to make sure all of our customers are happy, we use the following system.

After you place your order, an artist will take your info and turn your idea into a masterpiece. You should expect to receive a photo of your completed painting approximately 14-20 business days after placing your order. 

Once your painting is completed, we send you a photo of the painting to review before shipping over. This allows us to touch up your painting and make any modifications that you wish to do. 

Once we get the approval to ship your piece, we will frame the painting and ship over. Depending on where in the world you are located, shipping takes between 10-20 business days to arrive. Please note that orders being received in Canada, Europe and South/Central America are usually assessed a duty charge of approximately 30$. We have no control over this. Our pricing includes shipping. Our pricing does not include any import duty that the country of destinations decides to charge. We ship using Fedex, DHL and USPS. 

Unfortunately we are unable to make any edits to a painting after it has been shipped. We do not offer refunds on orders unless a package arrives damaged.  We send customers a photo of their painting to review to make sure that they are happy prior to shipping. You painting will be the same style and quality as the examples shown on the website.


If you have any questions or concerns, please message us at prior to placing your order.