How long does it take to have a painting made of my car?

You should expect to see a photo of your painting within 7-10 days of your order. We make sure that you are in love with the piece before shipping. Once you approve the piece, we will ship. Shipping a rolled painting, shipping takes about 7 business days from the moment you confirm that your painting is OK to ship. If you ordered a framed piece, you will need to wait approximately 14 days from the time your confirm that your painting is OK. Please note all of our paintings are entirely hand painted oil on canvas and made to your specifications at the time of order. You will think you got yourself a steal when you receive the piece.


Are the painting hand painted or printed?

All paintings are entirely hand painted using oil paints on a quality canvas. Each piece is a unique work of art. The level of detail and quality that you will receive of your car is the same as the examples shown on our website. 


Can you paint any car?

Yes, we can paint any car that you would like us to. Either submit a photo of your car or of your dream car. 



Can you paint me with my car?

Yes, we can paint a painting of you and your car. Please note that you should send us a photo of yourself and your car.  



Can you change the background to my car?

Yes, we offer a selection of background that can be added to spice up your car painting. Whether you want a nice beach background for your car or to be chased by police on the highway, we are here to help. If you would like to add a background of your choice, please message us at info@paintmywhip.com before placing your order. 


Where do you ship to?

Paint My Whip ships globally. Regardless of where you are, we can ship. Our goal is to spread art to the four corners of the world. Please note that rolled paintings can ship globally. We currently only stretched framed paintings within the USA and Canada.  We are working on offering framed pieces in Europe and Australia/New Zealand.


I want a bigger size than what you offer. Can you paint larger canvases?

We can paint your car on a canvas that is 200x300cm. Due to the amount of work required for larger paintings, please send us a photo of your car that you would like for us to paint and we will get back to you with a quote for the piece.  Email us your request at info@paintmywhip.com


Is it possible to pay extra for quicker shipping?

Please plan ahead or let us know what day you require the painting by. We can speed up the shipment somewhat depending on circumstances. 


Is it too late to order for Christmas?

As the years roll by, the busier we get during the Christmas. If you are planning on ordering a painting for the Christmas season, do not delay. Framed or rolled pieces ordered after the 10th of November are not guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.


If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Send us a message at info@paintmywhip.com